The Expanse’s Greatest Battle: Thoth Station

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hello and welcome back to another episode of generation films my name is American Ben as the history books are written sometime in the year nine of the extrasolar age hundreds of years into the future from now Alex Kemal a former pilot in the Martian Navy sat aboard the legendary light frigate the Rocinante using the ship’s simulation software to play through a battle on Thoth station a private spin station located in the belt that was used by the protégée corporation to conduct a research on the proto molecule Alex just sat there angry frustrated obsessed trying again and again to complete the simulation with no casualties you see the mission in question had already taken place at the very same moment that James Holden law Rossi’s captain approached Alex to try and put his mind at ease Thoth station was already quiet it had been taken over successfully by an ad-hoc coalition of the Roces crew in the OPA in a daring highly complex assault mission just a day or so before why did a triumph haunt Alex oh well I suppose victory never truly exists to the soldier who fights for it no victory is a spoil truly enjoyed only by the masses who never see the horrors of war the Battle of Thoth station was not a perfect operation by any means it wasn’t conducted under the most ideal of circumstances it just had to be done and so the humans who found themselves in the rather unfortunate position of holding the destinies of the Sol system in their hands at that moment like we would hope any humans would do in such a critical situation did what they had to do to protect mankind and while Alex Comeau might be haunted by dreams of bloodshed we humans on earth thanked him for the critical part he played in the now-famous assault on Thoth station today’s video was the story of that battle and the brilliant tactics employed on the part of the crew of the Rocinante and the OPA to achieve a major upset victory just days before the battle began protégés a private earth-based bio weaponry company that was secretly experimenting on the portal molecule purposely released the proto molecule on eros station a human colonized asteroid also known as the angry space potato the aim of protégés was to infect the humans living on eros with the proto molecule in order to see how it affected them part of the company’s larger objective to one day control the proto molecule and use it for human augmentation almost no one escaped the outbreak millions of people on eros were sacrificed for the maniacal ambitions of a nearly omnipotent corporation however the crew of the Rocinante was able to evacuate the asteroid relatively healthy save for cancer though not without great struggle James Holden and his team were there in the first place on behalf of OPA leader Fred Johnson the head of operations at Tycho station Johnson had sent the Rossi’s crew to look for survivors from the Scopuli an OPA operated light transport freighter that was attacked by proteges stealth ship the Anubis the crew of the roastin ante went to eros looking for a person what they found was a massacre an event so shocking that completely changed the priorities of James Holden and his team on the way back from eros the Ross’s crew discovered that proto Jim was beaming data from eros to an abandoned communications relay which was of course Thoth station net beaming the data here is an abandoned communications relay this is why when the Rocinante returned to Tycho station they had a new objective in mind take down the people who infected eros but this was no small task especially not in theory the roasted Nantes crew was not a team of commandos they weren’t even working in military related Affairs at the time of the incident they were the former crew of the privately owned ice hauler known as the Canterbury put bluntly just a few weeks prior they were just trying to do their mundane space transportation jobs and get paid there was some military experience among the crew but they were far from the ideal squad to take on a corporation that had at their disposal some of the most advanced weapons technology in the Sol system assault teams sometimes trained for years for such complex and dangerous operations the crew of the Rossi barely even knew each other and beyond that the crew of the Rossi wouldn’t have great support in the mission they were about to undertake they couldn’t contact the earth or Mars governments for help as far as they knew at the time both governments could have been behind the outbreak on eros and the destruction of their original ship the Canterbury and as far as both governments were concerned James Holden his crew might have been the ones behind the attack on the Kant and thus the crew of the Rossi were semi fugitives at the moment so given all of this why did the crew of the Rossi get themselves involved in a mission to take the station well if we’re going by their words it’s simple they were good people and wanted to do the right thing for humanity though I like to think that the proto molecule had something to do with it though that’s a different story for a different day the story now surrounds the crew convincing Fred Johnson to offer them support in taking Thoth now Fred Johnson wasn’t exactly eager to get himself involved in any sort of business that didn’t directly benefit himself or the OPA at the time Fred Johnson was deeply involved with the belt but in a former life he was a colonel in the United Nations Marine Corps when Anderson stationed a remote or refinery run by an earth-based company was taken over by miners who were upset with the air conditions on the station it was Johnson who led the attack to retake the station killing thousands of civilians in the process and all the insurgents who unknowingly to Johnson had tried to surrender haunted by his actions Fred left the UNMC and soon found himself shedding his loyalties to earth in favor of the belt and the OPA the very people who knew him as the butcher of Anderson station Johnson was a complicated man haunted by his actions and was not someone quick to work with or trust anyone and nor could others really trust him Fred also had little reason to help James Holden inko the two men barely knew each other and definitely were not friends when the Rossi and its crew had first escaped the donnager and had nowhere to go on a whim Fred Johnson offered them safe harbor at Tycho in order to use their ship to locate the surviving crew member of the scapulae in other words James Holden’s best option for support and taking Thoth station wasn’t exactly the ideal that Johnson agreed to help was most likely because he didn’t want to miss out on a chance to get his hands on the portal molecule nonetheless he did indeed offer support but the best he could do was scrounging a tag assault force made up of belters on Tycho station who were not professional soldiers and who didn’t really have much interest in risking their lives for Fred Johnson so the team that was put together to take down thought the station run by a powerful company and equipped with unknown capabilities was not made up of a group of people who inspired confidence that they would be successful but nonetheless there was little time to lose they had to move to take the station as quick as possible as to not miss their chance to catch the culprits behind the eros incident with the odds against them with limited numbers and resources and with inadequate soldiers for the task at hand the Thoth station mission team would have to get creative they didn’t have the advanced stealth tech or the powerful weapons of proto Jim thus Holden Johnson and the others put together a strategy based on disguise and misdirection the main obstacle they would face was a stealth ship guarding the station likely one similar to the ships used to destroy the donnager the donnager was no pushover either it was the flagship of the Martian congressional Republican a Visa Jupiter flee these portage and ships meant serious business that said the crew of the Rocinante were some of the very few people in the entire Sol system who had experience in dealing with these ships this added to their element of surprise as surely even if the guardians of Thoth had expected an attack on the station they still probably wouldn’t have foreseen that the attackers would have an idea about how to deal with their advanced stealth ships nonetheless the Thoth mission crew was in for a tough fight as for why the station would only have one stealth ship guarding it well think about it the station was in some random area of space and off the radar proteges never expected anyone to be able to find this place and so they were probably better off not having dozens of ships with detectable fusion drives that went on negate the ship’s stealth tech flying around the station thus increasing the chances of detection in order to prepare for the mission Alex the ship’s pilot ran simulations under the guidance of Fred Johnson and captain Holden each time the mission failed as if they came out from disguise too early they were just by torpedoes and if they did get in close the stealth ship took them out with its railgun so prior to the mission two things were clear one the attack portion of the mission would have to be timed perfectly and two the entire mission success were lied on Alex kummel basically flying perfectly one other thing I should mention is that the Rocinante burned ammo fast and was not at full ammo capacity at the time of this mission the ship’s point defense cannons had 7,200 rounds remaining out of 10,000 the crew would not be able to just unload fire indiscriminately the operation began with an OPA cargo ship known as the guy Molinari headed out towards Thoth station with the Rocinante hidden behind it and into radar shadow when the guy Molinari got close enough to Thoth the Rossy pulled away from it in silent running mode and went into free fall towards Thoth using minimal directional thrust and with Alex doing his best to make the Rocinante appear to be some loose cargo that fell off the Molenaar the objective of the Rocinante was to engage the stealth ship and take its attention off the Molinari and its breaching pods filled with the assault team members at the same time as the Rossi pulled away from it the crew of the Molinari put out a communication to all vessels in range including Thoth station that they were on approach to a loose cargo container and had filed a Salvage claim thus establishing a legal right to peacefully reacquire their cargo now the way viewer might think that such tactics are preposterous and that there’s no way that the forces guarding Thoth station wouldn’t be suspicious of any ship flying in its direction actually the stealth frigate guarding the station probably would have attacked any ship that got close enough even if the ship meant no harm however the tactics of the mission crew were not preposterous on the contrary they were quite practical the idea of their strategy was not to completely fool their target it was only to buy themselves as much time as possible the cargo ploy might not have had any chance to convince the stealth frigate that they weren’t enemy combatants but the hope was that it would cause a few minutes of confusion and delay so that the mission crew could get closer before unleashing their attack remember the closer the Molinari got to the station the less distance the undefended breaching pods would have to go after being launched from the ship when the Rocinante got close enough it powered up and continued towards the station under thrust now showing its true identity to the stealth frigate now what does close enough mean well it means that the Rossi was at a distance from the station where it could use its close quarters battle capabilities to his advantage at this point it was too late for the stealth frigate to fire a torpedo and now only the railgun in point defense cannons were an issue but the scenario in question is what the roastin ante was built for it was a grappler and if it was able to get in on its bigger striking focused opponent it was a nuisance to deal with as if it was close enough it could fire its point defense cannons from multiple angles while moving nimbly around its target the stealth frigate was smart though and it attacked the Molinari and the Rocinante had to move to intercept its fire in the course of absorbing the shots from the stealth ship one of the roasted Nantes thrusters was damaged and the ship had to retreat under the station while Amos the ship’s mechanic went to fix it this was ultimately even better for the Rocinante though I imagine the plan was always to have the rosin ante used the station structure for cover the Rocinante danced around the inside of the station’s ring flying in and out of crevices keeping the attention of the stealth ship while remaining nearly impossible to target or chase the scene was akin to a mouse running around in the center of a coiled snake while the snake unwittingly ties itself to a knot okay perhaps combat mouse would be a better analogy with the stealth frigate otherwise occupied the breaching pods were released from the Molinari at this point but unfortunately the station had an anti asteroid cannon mounted on the outside of its ring that took out one of the pots while tragic and while yes half the assault team met their demise this does not necessarily reflect poor tactics rather this was probably the most cautious they could have been given their limited time numbers and resources by launching both pods at once and on the same trajectory they were only exposed to a single side of the station once and thus to the least amount of station mounted weapons possible in this case one anti asteroid cannon had to deal with both pods and can only take out one of them at a time now back to our snake and mouse at this point the rossi having repaired its thruster popped out from inside the station’s ring and took out the anti asteroid cannon and then demolished the stealth frigate in a brilliant display of piloting the rasa Dante had completely dizzied the protege ship with its acrobatic freefall directional thrust hybrid drunken master technique with the path now clear the remaining breaching pod reached the station but the mission wasn’t quite over now the ground assault team had to do their part this was probably the least well thought-out part of the mission and for good reason there was no way to know what to expect once inside they had to just bust in and be ready for anything luckily for them the station was not well guarded the small force protecting it was only armed with riot control weapons not for invading enemies but for pacifying the scientists onboard whose brains had been altered to take away their capacity for empathy and turn them into sociopaths and thus they would erupt in violent outbursts at times the lack of a significant opposing force on the station was fortunate for the assault team but there was still an objective to meet take the scientists aboard the station and anyone else there into custody alive of course the key to the ground assault was detective Josephus Miller who despite being ill-equipped for military operations was there to keep the unpredictable belters who made up the assault squads from killing everyone Miller partly failed this task and partly succeeded on one hand when the belter started killing a bunch of scientists who lashed out after being disturbed from their work Miller was able to prevent one of the six Palo cortázar from being killed on the other hand Miller himself killed the most important scientists on the station Anthony Dresden who is leading Pro agents research into the proto molecule though while not exactly the mission objective this was perhaps in the bigger picture a service to humanity the entire mission could be described that way actually for although the lasting consequences of its success are immeasurable that there were humans willing to risk their lives to avenge the innocent in deep space devoid of the proper resources or time to compose a plan that was likely to be successful is a reflection of the best that mankind has to offer the universe not God’s not commandos not Marines but just a bunch of ice haulers and some belters doing what they had to do but there is one more thing to be said here the tactics carried out by the Rossa Nantes crew in the OPA and attacking Thoth were creative intelligent original even but it wasn’t only strategy that won the day Alex Camel for all of his misery for all of his insecurities for all of his loneliness for all of his awkward thirstiness around women was despite rarely being heralded for it one of the soul system’s most incredible pilots no single person was more responsible for the success of this mission than he he flew the Rose and not day as if it were more an extension of his mind than a ship controlled through conventional means Alex wasn’t the suave fearless man that people often picture when they envisioned heroic pilots and perhaps this is why his legacy is somewhat neglected by the history books but the truth is that in his time his skills were unrivaled from Earth to Mars and beyond people often wonder in passing why such a decent seeming man as Alex would leave behind a wife and child to go play Star Wars well the truth is that Alex was born to fly ships and I know that might be hard to understand but without flying alex was without a soul and without a soul a man doesn’t make for a great father or husband anyway and yet despite Alex’s elite piloting skills and his heroics in the assault on Thoth station just a day following the mission he sat in the flight deck in despair unable to let go of the men women left behind in battle Alex 25 people on that pod we lost my job to protect him you saved Amos and we lost 25 people because I made that choice and that is the good soldiers misfortune to see death with a civilian sees triumph and yet despite the tragedy of the noble warrior the truth really is at the Battle of Thoth station was a high point for the forces of good in the age of the extrasolar man and that my friends is the story behind the famous battle of Thoth station a moment in history that all humans earthers Martians and belters can all take pride if you enjoyed this video please do give it a like comment down below let me know what you think remember does ascribe to this channel and hit that notification bell for now my name is American Ben and I’ll catch you next time Generation films peace.

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