What Would You See Staring At a Black Hole

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Recently NASA using the test telescope was able to capture how a huge black hole is tearing to pieces and swallowing a star the size of our Sun but we don’t really know what will happen with these torn of bits of the star after its destruction we can’t see inside of black holes a black hole’s gravity is so strong that even photons of light radiation are unable to get out of its vice-like grip nevertheless let’s hypothetically try to look into a black hole relying on the latest discoveries of intrepid scientists the first thing that catches once eye is the spiral disc made of gas and dust which is formed due to the strong gravity surrounding a black hole according to physicists who consulted on the film interstellar a black hole’s rotation creates a distortion of the light that reflects its surroundings so thousands of illusory images of the same stars and galaxies should be visible around it the hole itself provided it’s isolated is a completely black patch of space as for the form some American astronomers have presented a computer-generated hypothetical image of a black hole in their opinion it has the shape of a crescent the fact is that the side facing animals erver is always brighter than the opposing side and the dark circle in the center of the Crescent is the black hole so in general you’ll see a rather impressive but far from extraordinary sight it will be quite a different story if the hole were to begin swallowing a person right before your eyes in this case what you witness will be more than passing strange imagine that say your acquaintance by the name of Alice fell into the gravity well will this be her journey to Wonderland like the heroine of the famous fairy tale from your point of view probably not as alice approaches the conditional boundary of the black hole the event horizon her body will change it will stretch in length and there open with gradually turning into something like a long string of spaghetti the closer your acquaintance gets to the event horizon the slower from the way it will look to you will be her speed when Alice reaches this boundary she’ll look as if she is frozen in place as if someone has paused a video you may find this a convenient moment to shout to Alice and warn her of the danger but you’ll not be able to communicate with your friend because in the vacuum of space Soundwave Travel but you can successfully send her signs with Morse code using the flashlight on your iPhone only now the signals will reach Alice with increasing intervals and the frequency of the light of the flashlight will shift towards the red long-wave portion of the spectrum here’s what it will look like however warnings will not be able to help your friend now no space object or celestial body can escape the event horizon of a black hole but wait might it be possible for huge spaceships with powerful engines in the 2009 Star Trek movie the Starship Enterprise which weighs about two million kilograms or four million pounds managed to free itself from the gravitational pull of a black hole to do this these spacefarers blew up an energy reactor behind the ship and the force of the explosion allowed them to overcome gravity although in reality according to experts for such a maneuver to work a spaceship would have to be a thousand times heavier that is weigh about 24 million tons or 53 billion pounds such a ship could produce more than two octillion joules of energy sufficient to save itself from clearly Alice would not be able to overcome such strong gravity and under any circumstances you will observe how she remains for some time stretched along the surface of the event horizon then she’ll be swept by the ever increasing heat of Hawking radiation soon only a handful of ashes will remain from your friends body the don’t rush to hold a funeral for her just yet perhaps everything’s not as bad as it looks to find out imagine yourself in Alice’s place according to scientists there are two possible scenarios let’s say that you’re drawn into a small black hole such objects have very powerful gravity obviously in our first scenario let’s assume it really will stretch your body into something like pasta tear off your head flatten you and smash you into atoms another variant is that you’ll fall into a sort of trap in the huge black hole astronomers have recently captured one such giant using the event horizon telescope this giant is located in the galaxy Messier 87 in the Virgo cluster at a distance of about 50 million light-years from Earth in size this space monster exceeds our entire star system and its mass is 6.5 billion times larger than that of our solar system in its gravity well everything will change and become quite strange he’ll fly straight to one of the most sinister points in the universe and at the same time experience nothing first he’ll easily cross the event horizon without feeling the heat of Hawking radiation then you’ll begin to fall directly into the black abyss that opens before you at the same time you won’t feel the slightest shaking stretching of space or time stretch that occurs in black holes all because you’ll be in freefall and won’t even feel your own weight in the meantime Alice will have witnessed how you were fried in the event horizon and will be able to collect your ashes that is you’ll simultaneously beat outside the black hole in the form of a handful of ashes and inside it alive and unharmed in order not to violate the laws of physics to be in two places at once it can’t be in the same form in both places true according to the general principles of quantum mechanics information cannot be cloned however in your situation no paradox will rise since no one will know you have been cloned Alice will see one of you and you’ll be the only witness to the other you’ll never meet again and will not be able to compare observations unfortunately there’ll be no third person who could simultaneously see you both outside and inside the black as you fall space-time will become more and more curved and towards the center it will be infinitely curved this point is called the gravitational singularity space and time ceased to have any meaning here all the laws of physics as we know them that an understanding of these two concepts are necessary for no longer work but you will have been floating for an immeasurably long time to this point in very weak gravity into a huge hole thanks to this theoretically you can exist normally inside it until the end of your days until you die in the gravitational singularity you may even stand a chance to outlive the earth because time inside a very large object flows much more smooth however you may not have to spend the rest of your days in the black hole the general theory of relativity is symmetric in time so according to scientists if there are black holes there might be some kind of white hole opposite to them white holes do not absorb everything around them like black holes do on the contrary they spit out what’s inside that into alternate universes it’s impossible to get into a white hole if you come out of one it will be a one-way ticket it will forever remain in this parallel world and there’s no way of knowing what it will be like but this opens up a lot of room for speculation and imagination ever thought about the choices you made in your life what if you didn’t get this job but that one what if you had met the neighbor girl or boy instead of spending all your days in front of the computer perhaps in the alternate universe you’ll have another chance to explore these options in addition some scientists suggest that there are an infinite number of alternate universes in each of them there’s a completely different you if they’re right then in parallel worlds you’ll have an opportunity for endless experiments on your fate so far of course these are only hypotheses but apparently soon we’ll be able to find out how true they are scientists are already creating black holes in laboratories to better study them for example researchers from the university of milan modeled black holes from fiber optic cable and physicists from the Israel Technical University created an acoustic analogue of a black hole in the laboratory it’s a condensate of rubidium atoms divided into two zones both groups of scientists have now indirectly confirmed the existence of hawking radiation in the future they’ll certainly learn more about the structure of black holes if these space objects actually turn out to be portals to other universes endless possibilities might open up for mankind but that’s a completely different story for another time in the meantime if this was interesting for you to mentally peek inside a black hole quickly give us the thumbs up a click on the Bell so that you don’t miss any new releases many more of the most interesting topics are still yet to come.

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